On a recent road trip, a captivating photograph titled “Misty Morning Sunrise at Bendemeer” by dales has been awarded ‘Photo of the Week’.

This stunning image encapsulates the tranquil beauty of Bendemeer, a small town in New South Wales. Taken during a misty morning, the photograph is bathed in soft, ethereal light that adds to its serene and frosty appearance.

The composition showcases the morning mist weaving through the frosty foreground, enveloping the trees and distant hills. The mastery behind this shot lies in its ability to capture the peaceful and picturesque landscape in such a captivating manner.

All ‘Photo of the Week’ winners, including dales, will receive a Samsung 128GB PRO Plus microSDXC memory card with an SD adapter. Additionally, the ‘Photo of the Year’ winner, to be announced in January 2024, will receive a Samsung Portable 1TB SSD T7 Shield.

The award is a testament to the superb composition and serene beauty of the image, making it a well-deserved winner.

“Misty Morning Sunrise at Bendemeer” is a beautiful example of how photography can capture the essence of a moment, leaving viewers in awe of nature’s tranquil beauty.

By Peter Browne

Peter Browne is an extraordinary photographer journalist whose lens captures the essence of life's most significant moments. With a profound passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, Peter has mastered the art of blending photography and journalism, creating powerful visual narratives that leave a lasting impact on viewers.