It looks like DJI fans might have something big to look forward to with the rumored Osmo Action 5 Pro. Igor Bogdanov, known for reliable DJI leaks, recently hinted at the development of this new model. This is especially thrilling given the current success of the Osmo Action 4, which has already outperformed GoPro in several areas.

DJI’s current top model, the Osmo Action 4, boasts impressive low-light capabilities thanks to its 1/1.3-sensor. However, new competitors like the Insta360 Ace Pro, with its larger 1-inch sensor and 8K video, have started to edge ahead.

The rumored addition of the word ‘Pro’ to the Osmo Action 5 is sparking excitement. If DJI ups its game by increasing the sensor size and video resolution to compete with the Insta360 Ace Pro or even GoPro’s Hero 12, they could solidify their dominance in the action camera market. Considering DJI has already integrated a 1-inch sensor in its gimbal-based DJI Osmo Pocket, achieving similar upgrades in the Osmo Action 5 seems feasible.

Timing-wise, an August or September release for the Osmo Action 5 would align with DJI’s usual product launch pattern. This would give them a chance to further cement their top spot before the competition catches up.

Meanwhile, there’s chatter about a new DJI drone, potentially an update to the DJI Air 3. Photos circulating online suggest that this might be more than just a rumor. However, it’s challenging to draw any firm conclusions until more concrete information surfaces. A recent sighting of a DJI Air 3 clone, which appears to be a licensed product, adds to the speculation.

DJI’s Head of Policy recently discussed how legislative changes in Congress could impact DJI’s operations in the U.S. This leaves some uncertainty around future DJI drone launches, but it’s not clear if these potential bans would also affect their camera line.

For now, it’s noticeable that both the Osmo Action 4 and DJI Air 3 have seen frequent price drops, possibly hinting at upcoming new releases and clearing old stock.

While nothing is confirmed yet, the buzz around the Osmo Action 5 Pro and a potential new DJI drone is building. These updates could bring significant advancements, keeping DJI ahead in the competitive tech landscape.

By Peter Browne

Peter Browne is an extraordinary photographer journalist whose lens captures the essence of life's most significant moments. With a profound passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, Peter has mastered the art of blending photography and journalism, creating powerful visual narratives that leave a lasting impact on viewers.