The buzz is real—Canon just dropped major firmware updates for seven models in its Cinema EOS range, following their recent announcement of the new Canon EOS C400.

Firmware updates have become essential for keeping cameras up-to-date, especially with the ease of adding new features through mirrorless technology. This time, Canon focused on adding new modes and enhanced focusing systems.

The models benefiting from these updates include the Canon EOS C500 II, EOS C300 III, EOS C70, EOS R5 C, and the XA75/70, XA65/60, and Vixia HF G70 camcorders. These updates stem directly from user feedback and are accessible as free downloads from Canon’s website.

For the Canon EOS C500 Mark II and C300 Mark III, users can now assign ‘Sensor Mode’ to a button on the camera body, allowing quick changes between Full-frame, Super 35mm, and Super 16mm crop modes. The Focus Guide box now has two sizes: Standard and Large, approximately twice the standard size. Additionally, the camera’s LCD screen will now display a playback marker in Media Mode. The EOS C300 Mark III will also receive Cinema RAW Light HQ/ST/LT recording modes and Auto ISO/Gain functions that can be operated from the camera menu, an assignable button, or a compatible remote-control unit.

The Canon EOS C70 and R5 C are also getting upgrades. Similar to the C500 Mark II and C300 Mark III, these models will see enhancements to the Focus Guide and playback marker. Users will be able to assign functions to the select dial on the back of the camera, including AF subject selection, shutter, iris, ISO/gain, and white balance mode. Specifically for the EOS R5 C, more features are being added: the ability to adjust the thickness of the AF frame, reset the AF position by pushing the joystick or set buttons, and additional tools for recording RAW VR content with Canon’s dual fisheye lens.

Camcorder models such as the XA75/70, XA65/60, and Vixia HF G70 will also have notable improvements. These include the option to view the date and time in the on-screen display while recording and the ability to change white balance settings during recording.

All these updates are detailed on Canon’s website, where users can find the guides and links needed to download them.

Canon continues to enhance its Cinema EOS range, making sure that both cameras and camcorders remain state-of-the-art with these impactful firmware updates. Users can now enjoy a host of new features aimed at improving functionality and user experience.

By Peter Browne

Peter Browne is an extraordinary photographer journalist whose lens captures the essence of life's most significant moments. With a profound passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, Peter has mastered the art of blending photography and journalism, creating powerful visual narratives that leave a lasting impact on viewers.